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As our name implies, my mission is to help you find JOY in that place that is uniquely yours - your home.  Whether it's simply providing you with inspiration and a plan for your do-it-yourself project, helping find and rethink those sentimental pieces to create a complete palette, or taking your project from start to finish on a large scale, I want you to have functional space that brings you happiness when you enter it.


I speak from experience.  My husband and I bought a 'cookie cutter' home upon moving to Florida with our 3 children 13 years ago. I slowly worked my way through the house seeing it as my art canvas, creating places I loved to be. After living in Florida all these years, I have developed a special love for creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. I find so much peace sitting at the bar we built on our backyard lanai, surrounded by greenery and songbirds. Or in our upstairs 'rec room', which we've turned into a beautiful, yet incredibly comfortable living and working space.  (And even in our laundry room, where the addition of a great accent wall, a faux tile floor, and a more functional spatial configuration have completely transformed the space. All proving that even laundry can be a happy place.)


After spending 20+ years on home renovations, I have learned that you don't need an enormous budget to completely change how you feel about your home.  I want to work with you to develop and implement a vision that suits you and your family so that you can LOVE where you gather, relax, smile, pray, work, eat, drink, and LIVE.


Whether you are looking for inspiration, a complete vision and installation, or anything in between, I'd love to work with you to transform your space, large or small. 


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